Stunt Car
by Wayne Potash

I've got a fancy paint job I'm a stunt car
And I've got big fat tires I'm a stunt car
Yes my motor's loud ‘cause I'm a stunt car
By far I do the best tricks in the land!

First gear, check my engine, it's OK if you peek
Second gear, check my oil and gas, make sure that they don't leak
Third gear, check my windows, you can see that they're all gone
Fourth gear, check my driver to make sure his seatbelt's on
repeat chorus

First gear, I popped awheelie, I just was standing still
Second gear, I'm getting faster now I'm heading for that hill
Third gear, I'm zooming up the ramp, you see my tailpipe flare
Fourth gear, My tires leave the ground I'm flying through the air!
repeat chorus

First gear, I'm soaring through the sky, I go through rings of fire
Second gear, watch me as I fly, ‘cause I'm still going higher
Third gear, now I'm coming down I just crashed through a wall
Fourth gear, I'm safe back on the ground and feeling mighty tall
repeat chorus