Sleep In a Tent
By Wayne Potash copyright 2013

When I get tired of cars and telephones
I want to be someplace where we can be alone
Close to nature where there’s no electricity
A feeling gets inside that kind of sets me free

We’re gonna sleep in a tent tonight
And we’ll eat by the campfire light
We’re gonna sing with our old guitars
And we’ll dream underneath the stars

We can hike in mountains or paddle a canoe
When skies are cloudy and when those skies are blue
Sometimes the rain comes down and washes our plans away
But when the sun comes out again it brightens up our day
(repeat chorus)

Sitting around the campfire listening to the sounds
Picking up a marshmallow that fell on the ground
Spear a new one with a stick and roast it ‘till it’s brown
Make s’mores with graham crackers and a chocolate bar from town
(repeat chorus)