The Old Chism Trail

Come and gather round boys, and listen to my tale
I’ll tell you all my troubles on the Old Chism Trail

Come a ti yi yippie yippie yay yippie yay
Come a ti yi yippie yippie yay

With a ten dollar horse and a forty dollar saddle
I started in herdin’ these Texas cattle (repeat chorus)

We started up the trail October 23rd
Started up the trail with the Lone Star Herd (repeat chorus)

I jumped on my horse, grabbed hold of the horn
I’m the best cow puncher that ever was a born (repeat chorus)

My foot’s in the stirrup, my seat’s in the saddle
I ‘m the best cow puncher that ever rode a straddle (repeat chorus)

I’m on my horse and I’m goin’ on the run
I’m the quickest shootin’ cowboy that ever pulled a gun (repeat chorus)

Up in the morning before daylight
When I go to sleep the moon shines bright (repeat chorus)

A ropin’ and a tyin’ and a brandin’ all day
I’m workin mighty hard for mighty little pay (repeat chorus)

No chaps, no slicker and it’s pour in’ down rain
I vow I’ll never night herd again (repeat chorus)

I woke up one morning on the old Chism Trail
I reached for my rope and grabbed a cow by the tail (repeat chorus)

Oh it’s bacon and beans most every single day
I’d as soon be eating this prairie hay (repeat chorus)

We loaded ‘em up and put ‘em in the cars
And that was the end of The Old Lone Stars (repeat chorus)

Farewell to the trail, I wish you no harm
I’m gonna quit herding go live on the farm (repeat chorus)