Dogs In Outer Space
by Wayne Potash

One dog’s name is Fido
The other’s name is Spot
One dog is American
The other’s a cosmonaut

Dogs in outer space
Trying to save the human race
Dogs in outer space
Woof woof, bow wow, woof woof. bow wow

Little Johnny cried
As he looked in the sky
“Will my doggie ever come home?”
The President calls him on the phone


T.V. cameras are turned on
See how well they get along
Computer says there’s something wrong
Communications gone, they’re on their own

The whole world held it’s breath
The feeling was acute
Then I heard someone scream
“It’s them, it’s them, I see the parachute!”

Heroes they were made
A ticker tape parade
The doggies barked out loud
Little Johnny smiled he was so proud