Tickets now on sale for our Club Passim show in Cambridge, MA, for Saturday, November 8 at 10:30 am!
Get your tickets ahead of time. We always sell out at Club Passim.
“An amazing musician for little kids,” writes Zooglobble about singer/songwriter Wayne Potash. “Wayne is one of the hardest working guys in the business—he’s got shows all over town! And all that hard work really shines through in his polished and refined concerts,” says Booklist writes that “Potash knows his young audience, and his music mirrors their likes and stirs their enthusiasms.” Wayne and his band put on high energy shows that engage young audiences with sing-a-longs, dancing, jumping, and lots of good-natured fun, with songs like “Lobster Dance,” “Shy Shark,” and “B-I-G, I’m Big.” Rambles  notes that Wayne sings "the most memorable melodies in American music with a friendly vocal delivery that positively begs the audience to sing along." Performances include Boston Harborfest, Boston Children's Hospital, Club Passim, Cambridge River Festival, Museum of Science, Boston and Rhode Island Children's Museums, and hundreds of shows for festivals, schools, libraries, and park and recreation departments all over New England. Wayne provides ongoing music and music programs to youngsters in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He’s a winner of the Parents' Choice Award.


You can call or text Wayne at 781-975-2620. Join our mailing list for news and a free story download

Wayne and Jordan live on WERS

Wayne Potash and the Music Fun Band
Billy, Paul, Wayne, Jeff, and Jordan

Wayne's Blog: Song of the Week

Puff the Magic Dragon 

Puff the Magic Dragon is a classic that most of us know. Here's Peter, Paul, and Mary doing the real deal back when they first wrote and recorded the song. I sang this song with them a few years ago...they sang it on stage and I sang along from my seat in the audience! Check out my  lyrics page for a beautiful happy ending verse to the song.

Boris the Spider 

Halloween is almost here! This song was written by the bass player of The Who, and it was one of their biggest concert requests. When we play it at our shows even Paul our banjo player thinks this song might be a little creepy for young children. But what child has not stepped on a bug? Even toddlers enjoy this song and when we sing it we add an extra "creepy crawly" at the end and envision Boris crawling away even still.