Music for kids that grownups can dig
“An amazing musician for little kids,” writes Zooglobble about singer/songwriter Wayne Potash. “Wayne is one of the hardest working guys in the business—he’s got shows all over town! And all that hard work really shines through in his polished and refined concerts,” says Booklist writes that “Potash knows his young audience, and his music mirrors their likes and stirs their enthusiasms.” Wayne and his band put on high energy shows that engage young audiences with sing-a-longs, dancing, jumping, and lots of fun. Rambles  notes that Wayne sings "the most memorable melodies in American music with a friendly vocal delivery that positively begs the audience to sing along." Performances include Boston Harborfest, Boston Children's Hospital, Club Passim, Cambridge River Festival, Museum of Science, Boston and Rhode Island Children's Museums, and hundreds of shows for festivals, schools, libraries, and events all over New England. Wayne provides music and movement programs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and he’s a Parents' Choice Award winner.


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Billy, Paul, Jeff, Jordan, and Wayne


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Wayne's Blog: Song of the Week

Best St. Patrick's Day Action Song for Children 

The March of the Leprechauns is easy to learn and sing (it shares a few notes with the Dreidle Song). I have the kids learn it word for word then the fun begins! Have the children march to the song at different tempos, then try some "freeze" marching. Just for fun try to "trick" the children during the freeze part. They love showing me that I can't fool them! The song is on the audio player above.